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its been over a year since i wrote last...much have i grown and its different.

i ride a bike. i knit all hours of the day. i smoke waaaaaaaay too much(but that one i dont mind). ive also slowly made the discovery that im not actually who i think i am.

my mind is in a strange place right now and i cant help thinking its not real. things change and im not quite sure how. people leave and arrive, return and repose but i never know it, and i seem to have attracted the right kind of people at the wrong time. everything i do feels fake and rehearsed. places seem to look odd, like ive never been there before. my usual distortion on the world has taken a sinister turn, which makes me uncomfortable. and even as im typing this, im sure someone keeps shining a light at the back of my head.

and yes, before anyone asks; im stoned.
and i dont care.

apart from that thhings are great not.



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