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im kinda glad that i can get back on here cos it means i can keep up to date on the things i do(you know what my memory is like!!)

anyway, im finally in a place where i can be happy! im in an unpaid job that keeps me steady and content. i do the same things everyday; cleaning, laundry, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, vacuuming, dusting and the like!

i know, its a long list of the things people would get sick of - and i do - but honestly i love doing it. i get to sit around all day and do my crochet/knitting whilst waiting for the washer to finish, or watch tv when certain tasks have been completed and i fel ive earned myself a good coffee and a fag!

*sings* "these are a few of my favourite things"!!!

i suppose ive found my niche, and hopefully i can do something with it one day, or maybe just stay as i am...either way im not bothered. im happy and productive, and its working!

ciao 4 now

*moosey sends muchos clean loof*


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