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telepathic humour?
i had a thought today :)

on watching am awesome episode of American Dad, Roger comes up with the sentence, "No, I knew Stockard Channing *in the late '40s. She was 50!"

at that point i wondered something ive often wondered: what are other peoples internal sense of humour like?
everyone has the sense of humour that they share with everyone else, but when were on our own(or at least when i am), our understanding of whats genuinely funny changes anf we find sillier, weirder, stranger, dirtier and often wrong things, just funnier or more impressive.

the first thing i thought on hearing this little quip i imeediately thought "I wonder if Stockard Channing finds that funny in front of people because shes supposed to, and then secretly thinks its hilarious when shes alone?!"
then i thought to myself about certain things about people ive known and thought about if they still think about them too. *then, i wondered, "if i think of some of these things really hard and really long, will they think of them at the same time and laugh with me? will these people think about these things too and want me to laugh with them?"

i love thinking things like that. like when you have a wee and wonder if whether people you know ponder the possibility that you may be peeing at the same time?

it could be all types of things, like; having a wee, listening to a certain song that reminds you of someone; remembering something someone did or said; hearing someone completely different saying the exact same thing; laughing about the most ridiculous things; wondering if someone else would think the same things as you are funny; wondering if someone thinks youre funnier than you do, or are; wondering if someone thinks the exact same things as you at the exact same time as you, all the time?

do people do that? can you have the exact same thought pattern as someone else? same aspirations and fears, thoughts and dreams, hopes and wishes and wants?

thatd be pretty cool!!

that is all
*moosey sends muchos loof*


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