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so, now that i have the time to go in depth with whats been happening the last while(its been over 3 years since i really wrote anything honest after all...) i suppose i should really keep up to date

so im living with Chris in Gateshead and he breaks up with me.

i had nowhere to go so i ended up staying there with him for a while, til just before xmas when he announced he was giving up the flat! i was homeless over xmas!!!

i ended moving from there to a hostel near durham before staying in grange villa housesitting for a friend, and finally moving to paisley(in scotland) for 15 months.

i officially hate guys!!

im gonna be a nun!!

enough about that anyway.

im still knitting
im still a smoker of heavy goods
im still a drunk
im still fucking mad in the head!!

ciao for now

*moosey send muchos loof*


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