The comfort we need
At last it's over
We can move on without pain
Suffering or hurt

The death of this part
Won't stay bitter, sour or harsh
It's a clean break

I can't understand
These feeling I didnt expect
I don't need to now

You are gone now
But not completely disappeared
You're my friend

And I love you

Im typing this on my iPhone!!!!!

More poetry to come!!!

That is all!!!


That is all!

moooooooooooooooo! i am the supernatural cow, only to be seen by the crazy peoples of earth! i come in search of really tasty meats and sandy beaches and ducks! we lost uor land a long time ago, but found it again shortly after(it was in the bathroom, hiding from the moon!) seek me out some fine wine and jam and i will bestow upon thee the gift of everlasting drool! never agaiin will your mouth go dry!

that is all!!

i have sweat dripping down the inside of my arm!!

yes people, its gotten to the time of year that moosey hates!!

fucking summer, bring it ooooooowwwwwwwn!!!


Writer's Block: Born this way
If you were a cross-breed between two animals, what animals would they be, and why?

my mate chris says hed be a bird and a lizard, cos then youd have the ability to fly, and camouflage yourself!

personally, id be an elephant and a lion, all the ferocity at, like, four times the size!!

at last i can finally call you a friend
i never wanted anything else
i call you friend, mate, aquaintance, chum,
and i dont want it to go away
please trust me, listen take notice of my words
at least then we have foundations
cos after all when you can understand what i am
we can improve on our own situations

well its finished now
everything ends
life, trees, television
animals and friends

im sitting staring at
your blank face
wondering how and when
i left your space

beneath the cold skin
i lived in love
now its all hollow
like the air above

you see me frowning
i hate to leave
you made me do it
its hard to believe

so when your alone today
dont think of me
ill not be there
not my fault, see

this was your decision
you made it so
i didnt want to
but you made me go

i hate you for this
but my heart aches
you know how i feel
my face just fakes

i make gestures to laugh
inside, its death
but all along the way
you say its the best

ill tell you now for free
its far from great
all the pain i have inside
i want you to take

again i lost the touch of comfort
the feeling its leaves behind
and the ache for more it induces

still i hope it can come back to me
like a boomerang thrown too far
or a pet, lost for years

you are not my pet, my boomerang
youre my loss, my ache inside,
the hole within me, the pain

but i do still hope, somewhere deep
youll come back, or youll see
we can be unlost together again

must this be endured?
does it always refuse to end?
for all the things ive done to myself,
to lovers and to friends

i have no self esteem left
i have no confidence
i have no one to call my own
yet again, my consequence

to all the ones ive hurt
and everyone who lost faith
im sorry to all who think of me
as a failure, a fuck-up, a waste

i need to change a life
that life must be for me
i cant be me, or mine no more
i want to be able to be

i have to be my enemy
i should never be my friend
this liar has to leave you now
this being has to end

so everyone and all of you
from one of you to the rest
im sorry for all the pain ive caused
but i promise you, that person has now left

my wickedness is over now
my lies untold, youll know
in time i guarantee youll hate me
ive known this from the go

my deepest, darkest secrets
ill reveal to you someday
but for now i must be someone else
for this all to go away.


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